Terms and Conditions

Booking Conditions

In making bookings customers (and any children that are being booked on behalf of) agree to abide by the conditions and regulations of Horsham District Council as listed below:

Activity Delivery

What you can expect from us:

  1. All activities will be led by a qualified individual with the appropriate safety and coaching endorsements. There will be a qualified first aider on site with access to a first aid box.
  2. Provision of properly serviced and maintained minibus transport, where offered, with forward facing seating and seat belts.
  3. Provision, where offered, of properly serviced and maintained and appropriate equipment (eg trampoline, rock climbing helmets).

Where individuals choose or are required to use their own equipment (ice skates, mountain bikes etc) Horsham District Council will not be responsible for their condition.

Other things you should know:

Unless instructions are heeded, some HDSD activities can be hazardous. We reserve the right to ban individuals from future activities if they are considered to behave in a dangerous or unruly manner.



We request that activities booked by customers are not cancelled lightly because staff/facility/programme planning is often influenced by numbers of children, resources are committed to and refunds take up administrative time. Also some activities have strictly limited capacities (eg minibus based excursions) and if full up some potential customers have to be turned away. Some activities require a minimum number of participants to be reached to become viable to run. Occasionally HDSD cancels activities but it never does so lightly as we realise it can cause inconvenience and disappointment to people who have booked.

Customer Cancellation

If a customer requests cancellation with at least 14 days' notice it will be refunded in full. For most activities where a customer requests cancellation with at least 7 days' notice a full refund will be given but in the occasional case where the Council is at risk of suffering loss as a consequence a refund request may be denied. For cancellations of less than 7 days' the Council reserves the right to refuse refund requests and will only do so at its discretion and on a goodwill basis.

HDSD Cancellation

Sometimes activities may be cancelled at shorter notice by HDSD as the provider because of low numbers, weather and other factors outside our control. We will endeavour to inform parents of low number cancellations with a minimum of 3 days' notice and provide a full refund. Weather/other cancellations prior to and during activities will be relayed to parents as soon as possible and reasonable in relation to the practicalities of the particular situation. Prior weather/other cancellations will attract full refunds and ones made during events will lead to a partial or full refund depending on the circumstances. Weather cancellations will only be made where the weather is sufficiently poor to merit them and outdoor activities such as football and cycling will still take place in moderately poor rain/cold weather. Where a customer does not attend on the basis of their weather based decision-making but the activity proceeds a refund will not be issued.